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Combating the damaging effects of highly corrosive elements in heavy-duty environments is a key goal of every building manager and HVAC technician. Within the first year of HVAC installation, HVAC coils can become 50 percent corroded putting a large amount of pressure on technician and building managers to provide key quality controls and ensure HVAC units are properly maintained.

Winds and rain along seacoasts and industrial urban carry highly acidic particles into an HVAC system, and once inside the unit, these solutes and minerals can damage HVAC coils by eating away at the aluminum and copper metals because of the huge volume and contents of the polluted air coming through heat exchangers. Over time, the unit’s ability to transfer heat drops due to servere corrosion. This can drive up energy costs and reduce cooling capabilities.

By applying protective coatings to HVAC systems, we can increase the life spans of HVAC systems and provide real-world energy savings. For applications that require a high level of protection againts coastal element, manufactures and distribitors typically turn to Blygold coating, which is an aluminum pigmented polyurethane. Since the coating contains heat-conductive pigmentation, a thin layer creates a high level of chemical resistance while maintaining heat-transfereability of the heat-exchanger coils.

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Blygold Vietnam

Blygold Vietnam was established in early 2018 based on the Agreement between Blygold International B.V. and ILS Corp. in Vietnam, which granted Blygold Vietnam the exclusive right as the Mastor-Franchisor within the teritory of the country. Following the Initial Training for Blygold Vietnam held in the Blygold International’s Headquater in Houten, The Netherlands on July 23-27 of 2018, Blygold Vietnam has been authorised as the certified and licenced Blygold applicator and in fully operational…

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  • Blygold Partner Meeting 2019 in Milan: Meet the Blygold Partners from 22 countries in a regular conference held by Blygold International every 3 years and visited Blygold Italy’s workshop on 2-3/10/2019 at STRAF hotel

Blygold Vietnam attended Blygold International Partner Meeting 2019 in Milan

Blygold Vietnam visited Blygold Italy’s Workshop in Milan

The Lastest Projects Of Blygold Vietnam

Lotte-Sea Logistics Long An - On-site Application

Lotte-Sea Logistics , Long Hau Industrial Area, Long An Province

Client: VSD Viet Nam Co., Ltd

Blygold PoluAl-XT coating for Air Handling Unit model AHN-453, equipment item HVU-01, icluding HX coils and attached casing

Lotte-Sea Logistics Long An

Lotte-Sea Logistics Warehouse, Long Hau Industrial Area, Long An Province

Client: Entanpi Technical and Trading Co., Ltd

Blygold primer Refamac 3509 and top coat PoluAl-XT for about 700 m2 surface of air ducts and its accessories

The Point Villas Da Nang

The Point Villas Da Nang, Truong Sa street, Da Nang city, Vietnam

Client: Thanh Doan Construction Investment And Technology Tranfer JSC

Blygold PoluAl-XT for 24 condenser coils (outdoor unit) of air-conditioner model Daikin




If you have any question related to our products, please do not hesitate to drop your queries at our contact as below
Does a Blygold coating affect the thermal resistance of a heat exchanger?

Yes, no matter what others may tell you, every corrosion protection system has an effect on thermal resistance. This is due to the fact that no coating on the market today has the same heat conductive capacity as pure metals such as aluminum and copper. To what extent a coating will affect the heat transfer depends on the type of coating, heat exchanger geometry, air velocity ect. Blygold coatings are heat conductive and applied as a very thin layer. This results in minimal influence on thermal resistance and a minimal pressure drop. Tests of Blygold coatings have shown influences ranging from 0 to 12% depending on face air velocity and coil geometry. Installations with existing corrosion capacity. For normal situations we recommend using 3% as an average capacity loss.

How does corrosion affect the capacity of my air-conditioning?

Corrosion will cause your air-conditioner to loose efficiency and capacity, which results in the air-conditioner consuming more energy and producing less cooling capacity. Your installation will therefore perform the worst when you need it the most. Heat exchangers are extremely vulnerable to corrosion due to the combination of different metals in the heat exchanger (copper and aluminum) and the continuous exposure to pollution and corrosive elements in the environment. The heat transfer between the liquid/gas medium in the tubes and the outside air passing over the fins is reduced due to the corrosion of the
aluminum. In addition, the pollution on the fins will reduce the airflow through the heat exchanger significantly. To release all the absorbed heat from the air-conditioned space the system raises the condensing temperature/pressure, this results in a higher temperature difference between the gas/liquid and the outside air. This high condensing temperature/pressure is why the compressor of your air conditioner consumes more energy and often fails in the summer period

What is the difference between pre-coat (epoxy, vinyl) and Blygold?

Blygold’s coating is aluminum-impregnated polyurethane, which is applied after the heat exchanger is assembled to allow for total coverage and complete penetration. Epoxy/vinyl coatings are inferior to polyurethane by their composition and the pre-coat process does not permit total coverage due to the cut edges being exposed after fabrication. Not only will pre-coat systems have a temporary effect against corrosion, they will also reduce the initial capacity by 15% due to the layer between copper and aluminum

Why is my air-conditioning unit corroding?

There may be any number of reasons why your air-conditioning unit is corroding. The heat exchanger in an air-conditioner is usually made from aluminum fins and copper tubes. With these two different metals, in combination with pollution and moisture, there is a huge potential for galvanic corrosion to take place. Aluminum will corrode rapidly around the copper tubes. Other corrosive agents and pollutants in the atmosphere, like sulfur, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, are able to directly react with aluminum and copper. Huge volumes of air are forced through the heat exchangers and this means they are are exposed to far more aggressive circumstances than other equipment

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