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BLYGOLD is the first choice in corrosion protection for HVAC equipment

Blygold offers a wide range of HVAC coatings developed for the interior and exterior of HVAC equipment. A coating can be required for cooling towers, air handling units, air conditioning units (indoor and outdoor) and piping. This can be for aesthetic reasons or for protection in a highly corrosive environment. Blygold has products for every scenario. Plus it has different 1, 2 or 3 layer coating formulas that can protect your equipment up to Class C5-M.

Blygold Casing Coating Compliant with ISO12944

To assist corrosion experts, engineers and consultant in selecting the best corrosion protection option for every specific situation, guidelines are set in ISO 12944. This international standard describes different corrosion classes, and sets the benchmark on corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems.

Blygold coating formulas are compliant with ISO 12944 and can protect your HVAC equipment even in the most corrosive environment (C5-M). For more info about our coating products and services, please contact your local Blygold applicator.


  • Protection up to corrosion class C5-M

  • Extends the lifetime

  • Casing, cabinets, supports, piping, flooring, etc.

  • Meeting architectural demands

  • Factory & Field application

Without Blygold

With Blygold

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