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Round Tube Plate Fin Coil Coating

BLYGOLD is the first choice in corrosion protection for HVAC equipment

RTPF heat exchanger coating

Blygold coatings provide a remarkable long lasting and resilient corrosion protection for RTPF (Round Tube Plate Fin) heat exchangers. They finely seal off the heat exchanger from the environment, without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop. The system can efficiently be applied in the factory as well as on-site. Our specialized elite products and unique application procedures, make Blygold the best choice to prevent air conditioning failure and unnecessary energy consumption due to corrosion.

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Blygold PoluAl XT

Our most coveted product is PoluAl XT: an aluminium pigmented polyurethane coating developed for the protection of air-cooled heat exchangers. The product meets all the necessary requirements for the coating of (RTPF) condensers and coolers. PoluAl XT stands apart from the rest. It has an excellent chemical and UV resistance. It offers flexibility, excellent adhesion with negligible effect on the heat transfer. Plus it can be applied in a very thin layer, to prevent pressure drop.

This product, in combination with our unique application techniques ensures full coverage of the heat exchanger. It ensures the best corrosion protection possible. It does so flawlessly without affecting the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Blygold PoluAl XT-MB

Heat exchangers used to cool down an airstream or room are often exposed to corrosive environments and microbiological growth. The condensation on the fins and the airborne pollution create the perfect conditions for corrosion and micro biological growth.

Both phenomena , corrosion and microbiological growth, will reinforce each other. Corrosion will create rough surfaces that increases the adhesion of pollution and microbes. Organisms will only grow if they are able to stick to a surface. Microbes, once settled on a surface, are able to create a very corrosive local microclimate that will affect the material they grow on.

The growth of bacteria and mould on chilled water or evaporator coils creates hygienic and smell issues. The typical smell of air-conditioning, also called dirty sock syndrome is, in fact, caused by the presence of these organisms.

Without PoluAl XT-MB

With PoluAl XT-MB

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HVAC corrosion protection

Blygold has developed pioneering new coatings specifically for HVAC corrosion protection. From the very beginning Blygold has always focused on corrosion protection for heat exchangers, which are vulnerable to severe corrosion because of their construction with dissimilar metals and pollution from air circulation.

The success of these protective corrosion products derives from the unique application method including a thin layer, high UV and chemical resistance properties. These reputable products are renowned in the air conditioning business worldwide. Blygold are proud of their extraordinary success stories and our honoured to have worked on ambitious projects like the cruise ship Queen Mary 2, Palm Island Jumeirah and London Heathrow Airport.


  • Prevents corrosion

  • Unique products and application

  • Triples the lifetime

  • Saves up to 30% on energy cost

  • All types of air cooled HX

  • 11.000+ hours in salt spray test

  • Factory & Field application

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